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Online betting tips whirlpool tubs guy buys tesla with bitcoins to dollars

Online betting tips whirlpool tubs

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Then again, even if you are:. For obvious reasons. Yeah, yeah; on first blush the seductive thought of relaxing in a deep tub of warm water with your significant other, surrounded by lots of candles and rose petals, seems extremely romantic. One big reason why is because:.

The sound of the running motor and pump is not only a mood killer for those looking for a little romance, it also works against those simply looking for a little relaxation after a long hectic day too. They take too long to fill. So much so that:. They tend to completely drain traditional hot water tanks. Well, unless your tub has a built-in heater.

Higher energy costs. Ventilation concerns. The larger amount of heat and moisture that is generated by whirlpool tubs can become a problem if the bathroom has inadequate ventilation. Higher maintenance costs.

As a result:. They require frequent cleaning. And if you have to ask why, go back to the top of this list and try reading a little slower. I agree!!! My parents put one in when they built their house 12 years ago. A whirlpool tub is a good investment. I had a torn rotator cuff rather than going to a Doctor and wasting money I bought a whirlpool tub.

Soaking in it at the beginning of the weekend relieves all my aches and pain that I acquired during the work week. Also, I will not mention the fun my wife and I have in the tub. No surprise that a man wrote this! This man also acted like he has never had one! Oh well, he knew what to write to get people to read! The majority of people that have them love them! You just read an article from a guy who said he hates them! I use it every day. It is a Jacuzzi Corner tub. Sure, you have to clean it a lot, but wow in order to maintain a house you have to keep it clean anyway.

If you have a septic system, think of all that water flooding your system! Disaster waiting to happen. You forgot high water bills. Each bath would probably cost close to a dollar in water and sewage charges, on top of the charges to reheat the water in the water tank.

If they live where I do, I pay about 0. I should try and figure out what the cost to reheat the water in the tank would be. Sucks living in the city! Whirlpool Jacuzzi type bath tubs with a shower are great. Make sure your bathroom is well ventilated. Also make sure you can access all mechanical parts for maintenance. You nailed this.

What a waste. I know. I totally agree. I had an inground jacuzzi bathtub installed in a new construction. The thing was so heavy, it could only be installed on the ground level encased in concrete for support. Indeed it drained the largest hot water heater available and the water was cold in no time. The worst thing of all was the black algae that grew in the jet nozzles. Nothing infuriated me more than filling that thing with gallons of hot water only to turn on the jets to find thick black mold floating everywhere rendering bathtime impossible.

I lived in that house for 6 years and used the tub maybe twice. Never ever again. That algae is really disgusting. I thought it was crap coming from the water pipe. I was all fired up to call the city and complain about their water, before I finally figured things out.

I agree totally with this post. That nasty stuff is disgusting. But I am stuck with my tub for now. I found this inexpensive product called Plumb Clean the one with the yellow label , that when used as directed, has effectively worked in my whirlpool bath.

I use it regularly and have had no black yucky flakes or oily residue in my bath! Finally I can take a relaxing bath again and not have to worry about disgusting germs! I never understood why would would want a Whirlpool tub when you can toss your hot tub outside and enjoy a little nature.

Wonder how people have urinated in a hot tub. All that said, I love mine for its therapeutic value, but the power bills are killing us, so installing a whirlpool would be a less expensive option at least for us. I totally disagree.

Although, I never use the jets on mine. A big deep soaking tub was a must have on my house shopping list. There are those of us who love a big tub and have them positioned not to look at a toilet in the bathroom! Fair enough. Still, you can get soaking tubs without the jets — and other hassles — and save some money.

Jacuzzi tub has given my wife a quality of life. If the view from your tub is what drives you then you have bigger issues. We have a very deep jetted tub. We use the tub all the time, obviously, and use the jets once or twice a month. Hi Christy, Just read your comment… Looking for a tub with jets to install into out basement bath. Do you recommend it? Which one do you have? Thanks for the heads-up on the noise — that alone would drive me nuts.

My last house had an add-on master bedroom that was beautiful and to code, with a deep tub no jets. This was great because the other water heater, in the garage, was for the rest of the house, including the other master bedroom, so no cold water problems. However, the problem I had with the deep tub was that it was a pain to have to clean it! Now, if only I had options to also address most of the other problems too!

You can also use an on demand, aka tankless, water heater. They save some money as water is only heated when needed. One caveat, you may have to add a circut if you go with an electric one. I love my tub. I can strech out and soak up to my neck. I agree totally with your points above. My kids begged me to install one when we recently renovated our bathroom. I refused. I dont understand anyone here finding reasons why its bad.

Id say minimum research will give you an idea whats involved in owing one. If you too lazy and have no money please dont buy it. Everything you buy requires cleaning. Do you clean dishes after food? Anyway when I got my jacuzzi about 20 years ago I also thought it was a waste of money. My girlfriend used it few times a year at best , had to clean it but 5 years ago I was blessed with my son and he loves bubbles — best investment ever!!!

I agree wih you, however my townhouse came with one. I think I used it twice in 14 years. I use the outside whirlpool much more often. I like the separate shower much more. The whirlpool tub is a nice extra, but meaningless overall. Because some people have no room outside for a jacuzzi but can have a jetted tub in the master bath. I love my 6 ft long spa tub. Plus I have an outdoor jetted spa when I want to go outside and enjoy friends and entertaining and sinking in a big spa is the best.

I must admit I have a whirlpool tub. Thanks a lot for sharing this! By the way, my husband and I got a cabin in the mountains for our honeymoon. I had never seen a tub that deep in my entire life. If I was sitting on the bottom of it, sitting straight up, my head barely cleared the lip of the tub. And I think a hot tub is definitely a much better option when it comes to the romance department.

We lived in it for 14 years before remodeling the PINK pepto bismol shade bathroom. We completely removed the bathtub. We always just used the shower anyway. We loved it so much we had another one done in the basement. What a great idea, Monica. Thanks for sharing that tip! If I could convert my whirlpool tub into something like that I would. Unfortunately, there are two windows around it, so that is probably out of the question.

When we renovated the master bathroom a couple of years ago, we left in the original jetted tub. Used it maybe 4 times in 8 years? I was just watching a home show where people were wondering if they should get rid of their whirlpool tub. The realtor said that since it was there, to just keep it because people want them, even though they end up never using them. I think they are a huge waste of space and energy myself, but if I had one already, I doubt I would rip it out.

I doubt I would really rip one out either just to do it. However, if I was doing a bathroom remodel, I certainly would. I love my garden tub and I use it at least 5 times a week. Okay, so I only use the jets once or twice a month. Our jacuzzi is why I have been taking showers for the past 5 years.

For most of the reasons you mention. Well, there was the snake house… it had a huge carpeted room with a sunken tub in the middle facing large glass doors to the outside. That was a little bizarre. Wait a minute here … you hate fireplaces?!! I absolutely love fireplaces. I used to hate fireplaces too, and for similar reasons to you hating whirlpool tubs. Next house: Gas appliance fireplace no chimney , no tile or light granite, no whirlpool, water heater in the garage, single story.

Good site btw. Ugh I bought a house with one and have never used it. I would prefer to have extra closet space…. I filled it up one time to make sure the jets worked and brownish water came out of the jets. I loooooove my jacuzzi tub man!

I can sit in it for 1 hour and the jets keep the water hot, hot, hot! You must have a heater, Sam. We installed a steam shower instead. While you are in the shower- if you have some extra time you just push a button and the steam comes into the shower stall.

You can also put a few drops of essential oil in the receptacle- like lavender or bergamot. Some systems even have piped in music. No issues so far in the four years we have had it. I am looking for a steam door, any recommendation and advice for building a new steam bathroom. My next question did the inline heater will kill the molds growing on the water lines. I had mine installed in and have used it once or twice a week since then. I love, love, love it! I also got the extra jets, extra powerful motor, and a heater which does not run off of the pump.

As for the cleaning, all you have to do is run it with a little bleach in it every so often once you get out of it. Just curious: How much did the tub cost with all those extras, Alan? Alan, great points! Get a tankless water heater or instant or whatever they are called. No reason to constantly be heating up gallons of water in the off chance you might want to take a hot shower or use the water for something. Think that is what I might do in the future….

I have lower back problems, Seems like a great thing to have in a bathroom compared to a crappy soaker tub, and as far as cleaning it,so what, whats so hard about cleaning it? Funny you seem to think everyone with a jetted tub uses them everyday and doesnt clean them? Also I live on a corner lot,Way better that any other lot, because we can have a seperate garage and drive in from the street, many advantages to having a corner lot and a nice jetted tub.

Sounds to me like you wish you had a jetted tub and a corner lot and are just jealous you dont have either? I would say this website is for suckers. I guess to each his own, Just got the tub installed what a great addition,I even added a separate circit for the heater, great feeling having a nice jetted tub and shower combo.

Who cares if it cost a few dollars extra a month. But I doubt it. I will NEVER own a whirlpool tub ever again for all of the above reasons but particularly because of the black algae that comes blasting out of the jets when you turn the jets on, into a tub full of hot water that quickly becomes unusable. I was so mad when I had to pull the plug on a very large whirlpool bath full of hot water …. I, too, will never forget the shock that fell upon me the first time the algae came out of the jets.

It was disgusting. Still, that is a minor inconvenience that can be fixed relatively easily when compared to some of those other drawbacks! My wife has been bugging me to put a Whirlpool Tub in the basement. I forwarded this article to her. Her switch is also in a very unuser-friendly place as you have to get out of the tub to turn it on or off. Who thought of putting 5 feet away? Anyway I hope everyone that reads this passes it along. I would rather have a large shower with more that one head..

Wow, this has been enlightening. I have always enjoyed sitting in a hot tub my parents have a pool and spa and I have considered getting one of these when my husband and I buy a house. I never even thought about these problems. Who wants to sit in a tub full of algae- and bacteria-filled water? I wish you had put a date your whirlpool bath was. I have owned several. Other than that, the noise, cleaning and heating of the water are outdated.

I could not live with out my tub! If I were in the market to buy another home it would be at the top of my list. I hate water in my face so have always taken baths and this one is a pleasure. It was here when we bought the house and has a separate heater, different sequences, lights, etc. And have used it, though mostly without the jets, for many a romantic time! Some women like shoes — never could understand that.

Thank you so much for putting this into persepctive. We purchase a home 20 years with a jetted tub. I had never had one and never really wanted one but wife said we would love it. We have used it every day for the last twenty years. Sometimes twice a day. I work in construction and have plenty of aching muscles. Soaking in a jetted tub always makes my muscles feel better. About 5 years ago we also installed small flat screen TV in bathroom so while in tub you can watch TV.

We heard the same things about getting a swimming pool. Too expensive, too much work, only can use it for 3 months a year here in Michigan but we have absolutely loved that too. We would not be in house or apartment without jetted tub. Not sure what to say other then we both love it. I love ours. Talk about our day. I agree with you! My parents had a jetted tub installed in my childhood home and I think I used it maybe a handful of times as a teen.

When my husband and I purchased our home it came with a large soaker tub and a 80 gallon water heater to fill it. We absolutely love it! My children think it is a mini swimming pool and always ask to take a bath in our tub instead of in their standard size tub :.

We are looking at building and for some crazy reason we were considering putting a large whirlpool in our master. But then we stayed at a suite that had the very tub we were looking at. We have a jetted tub and hate it. We would like to have it converted to a soaker tub. We live near Atlanta if anybody knows of a company that will do this. You are comparing the larger tubs, lets be fair. We have had a whirlpool tub which is the same size as a regular tub.

Takes the same amount of water you would use for a bath and has an inline heater which keeps the water at degrees. No noticeable differance in water, electric or gas. My wife uses it 2 times a week and enjoys every minute she uses it. I lived in Japan and love soaking tubs.

My husband has always put a small amount of bleach in the tub in our previous house in which we remodeled and put a jacuzzi and never had a mold problem. Before that, I was using the widely recommended Cascade dish detergent and bleach protocol to flush my jacuzzi jets and thought it was doing a good job as the water came out clean from the jets. I started using spa-giene, and was amazed to see the crud that came out with it, making me a believer of the fact that cleaning with bleach is not enough.

Use spa-genie and see what comes out of your jets. My only grievance is that black crud keeps coming out of the jets even though I have done atleast 20 cycles of cleaning with spa-giene by now. When I use bleach, the water comes out clean. When I use spa-giene, I get a lot of crud. When we built our house 4 years ago, I had them install a Jacuzzi tub in the master as well as a shower. I have to say it was my favorite place in the house!

That was my place to get away. Once or twice a month I would fill it with hot water and pour some bleach into and run the jets for a few. I never ha trouble with mold. We have now relocated into an older home with no room for one and I have to say I miss it terribly! Those of us with lower back problems find relief in a jetted whirlpool tub.

It is a lot less expensive than an outdoor jacuzzi. If you do the recommended cleaning with the suggested products, you wont have any problems. You just need to do your research before you install one. Get a bigger water heater, and the heater pump to keep the water warm, and make sure you have easy access to the heater, just in case it stops working.

Now I realize that we should have insisted on him tearing it out and putting in a politically correct smaller tub. One problem that is easily solvable is proper cleaning of the jetted tub. These tubs can be as safe and clean as a well run swimming pool if cleaned properly. The tubs have about feet of plumbing lines that are full of warm stagnant water that develops crud, what ever you want to call it. I also bring it with when I travel. Just like any luxury, it takes a little effort, a little forethought, and a little cash.

I appreciate this article because it points out the specifics of those. To call folks suckers, though, not so much. So, like that stair climber you bought to motivate you to exercise, use your tub. After all, you paid for it. Well, get this. It also has two grab bars on the sides, and did have a gate — and I mean gate — across it so she would not accidentally fall in. There are now these steel plates on either side that would probably pull out the plaster if removed. I want the tub out and am thinking it will have to be — somehow have to be released and lowered and left in the crawlspace.

Scared to have the i-beam touched — I hung an antique electrified lantern on it that runs the length of the tub. There are antique brass fixtures at the end of the tub on the wall. Getting this picture?

Imagining the fear of the guests I have over? Think I ever use it? It is a sight to behold …. My husband talked me out of a Whirlpool, but we did get a normal soaker tub. I use it rarely because of just how much water it holds [50gal], but let me tell you — it stays warm for a very, very long time [an hour plus?

Not easy to find, but totally worth it. Most just make fart bubbles, though, and a lit of noise. The tub is regular size so no more then usual amt. I had a foot operation and it really helped the swelling. We made the mistake of installing a Jacuzzi tub when we had our master bathroom remodeled 10 years ago.

I am looking for a way to completely seal up the jets so perhaps we can at least use it as a soaker tub without having to deal with the mold and black algae. I have a bad back so for therapy like the hot spa. You are hilarious! Thanks again! Thanks, JerseyGirl. Unfortunately, she usually laughs at me — not with me. Have you tried the bath stool with telescoping legs so that the legs inside the tub can be longer than the legs outside of the tub. You can sit on the stool and swing legs over the edge of the tub.

Then slide into it. This worked really well when I had my surgery. Good luck! My husband always says the best purchases he has ever made for me would be my kendle and whirlpool tub and I have to agree. Yes I live in the bath tub. Bubble bath and the jets going. I love it. Yes the water bill went up…. Guess what its bath time…….. I disagree. Love love love it. I love whirlpool tubs and look for them specifically when we travel.

My son has been disabled from arthritis since childhood, and deep, soaking tubs are very therapeutic for him. My husband and I love to soak in whirlpool tubs. However, that does give you some good background noise. Thankfully, We have a walk in shower. When I inquire about what to do to eliminate the whirlpool tub, no one has an alternate use! One idea was to cover it with a yoga platform.

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