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Safest sports betting

The NFL has the most betting outlets and has the most coverage of any other sport when it comes to betting. This is all good news for NFL bettors, as there are always plenty of ways to wager on the game. The NFL season is on its way and will present tons of new betting opportunities along with it. There is no better time than now to get set up with an online sportsbook.

These sportsbooks provide every avenue to ensure that you have the best NFL betting experience possible. The good news is that there are many sites around, like the one that you are on right now, that is dedicated to online sports betting and sportsbooks. Sure, we break it down as to which sportsbooks have the best sports betting bonuses , more odds offered, different sportsbook funding methods, or whatever category, but at the very core of all of these sportsbooks is a safety and security that you can take comfort in knowing that they all have.

Just think, if a sportsbook gained a reputation for security breaches, or other complications as far as dealing with financials, they would quickly be dubbed as an untrustworthy sportsbook. Those who review and critique sportsbooks would make that publicly known.

Not only that, those bettors who have played at a sportsbook would probably be the first to whistleblow. So there are definitely a variety of ways in which information like that would get out. If you are a bettor who has done their research on where to bet on sports, then you should feel completely safe about wagering sports online. That includes finding sites like ours to get a sense of which sites are highly rated, and what to look for when choosing an online sportsbook to wager.

All of the top-rated USA sportsbooks will have a thorough section on the most important topics at their sportsbook, highlighted by account information, and depositing options. Frequently Asked Question sections can also be found. Another thing that sportsbooks offer is customer service. This is another opportunity for any questions or apprehensions that you may have to be answered.

There should be several ways to contact a customer service representative, including by way of the phone, email, or even a live chat section right on site. With the knowledge of what to look for in a safe online sports betting site, now it all comes down to choosing one and signing up. When a site has an online gambling license that has been issued by a jurisdiction that provides effective oversight, you can rest assured that it offers safe betting online.

There has been a thriving sports gambling market place in Europe for decades, and countries there have taken advantage of online sports gambling as a way to generate revenue. The United Kingdom has a very well developed online gaming licensing process. Their licensees are some of the safest sports betting sites on the Internet. Under their online gambling laws, it is illegal for gaming websites that are located in other countries to advertise their services in the UK.

This is stipulated in Section of the Gambling Act Though this may sound restrictive, in general, this law opened up gaming avenues for approved entities. There was an exception made when this piece of legislation was adopted in the United Kingdom. To be included on the whitelist, a jurisdiction must adhere to the same standards that are set forth for UK gaming concerns under the terms of the Gambling Act Companies that are established in any these countries that take wagers online can be looked upon as safe betting sites.

In addition to this wide array of European countries that have the safest betting sites, there are a number of smaller jurisdictions that have been included on the UK whitelist. Alderney, Antigua and Barbuda, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, and Tasmania have all made the list, so gambling sites from these places offer safe betting online. Sites that are registered in the United Kingdom and UK whitelisted sites are definitely among the safest sports betting sites that are out there.

This being stated, there are many other individual jurisdictions that uphold very rigid licensing standards for online gambling. We have used the licensing requirements to help us evaluate sports betting sites for safety.

The most stringent jurisdictions use the same basic criteria. One essential facet is the background of the key personnel that will be involved in the operation of the online sports betting website. They look for proven business and technical acumen, and they put applicants through a vetting process with regard to past conduct. The most thorough regulatory bodies will require the presentation of a business plan, and it will be thoroughly reviewed.

Perhaps the most important factor that is taken into consideration is the financial strength of the company that is attempting to obtain an online gaming license. The licensing bodies that truly care about legitimacy want to make sure that license holders have the ability to honor their commitments to their players.

Many legitimate jurisdictions require applicants to have rules in place to protect players, such as well-defined dispute processes. Some of them require website operators to post warnings about potential gambling problems that can arise when compulsion takes hold. Without question, the quality of the online gambling license that has been issued is a key factor when you are looking for the safest sports betting sites. And finally, the real world experiences that are shared by players are perhaps the most telling pieces of information.

We have weighed all relevant factors to identify some of the safest sports betting sites on the Internet. There has been a seismic shift in the sports gambling environment in the United States after a historic Supreme Court ruling. This law effectively placed a prohibition on sports gambling in every state in the union except Nevada.

The Silver State was grandfathered in because legislators representing the state would not vote for the anti-gambling legislation if it applied to Nevada. In spite of this prohibitory statute, the voters in the state of New Jersey said yes to a constitutional amendment that would make sports gambling legal in their state in , and it was signed into law in However, it was blocked when professional sports leagues and the NCAA filed a lawsuit.

As you might imagine, they cited the PASPA law that made sports betting illegal on the federal level. The case made its way to the Supreme Court, and in , the Justices found in favor of the state of New Jersey. Now, any state that wants to allow legal sports gambling is free to do so. Clearly, the safest sports betting sites for players in the United States are sites that are licensed by states that have legalized Internet-based sports gaming.


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This is how it works:. Further, bet on a Draw with the stake of 12,94 Euros and an odd of 8 and we would receive ,52 Euros. And place 79,66 Euros on a Team B Win with a quota of 1. So my earnings are, depending on the outcome of the game, between 3,52 and 3,60 Euros. Basically, you can for sure make some money with sure bets. But since the earnings per game are very low it will take you a good bit of time to increase your account drastically.

But worth mentioning is that sure bets can be very useful to clear bonuses. Many bookies offer bonuses where you get some percentage of your deposit once you placed bets of a certain amount. Another interesting topic is back and lay betting at betting exchanges. The examples above show that you can place sure bets in almost every sport. If you find the right bookies who give you the quotas variation you need for a sure bet you can bet on any sport you want.

Back to all betting concepts. What is a sure bet? Find a Surebet at Betway. Try Surebets as a betting system. Share it! Partners Contact Privacy Policy Imprint. We use cookies and similar technologies to understand how you use our website and to improve your experience. We automatically process data, which might include your IP address, for web analytics, site optimization, statistical, marketing and security reasons.

To learn more, read our Privacy Policy including your right to withdraw your consent at any time and how to change your browser settings to disable cookies. OK Privacy Policy. Safety and security checks should be your number one priority before placing any bets online. Looking for more information on safely making bets online? Wagering sports online is not only fun, but it can be rewarding if you play your cards right. The last thing anyone wants is to have their team win in overtime just to find out their money has been sucked up in a scam and the payout never happens.

So, what should you look for when choosing an online sportsbook? Here are a few tips to guide you in the right direction. Before you start entering your information into a betting app or site, take your time to read the fine print — and there should be fine print. Their website should provide you with:. We also recommend you read the reviews or only use apps and sites that have been referred to you by a trusted contact.

The experiences of others can be very telling in the betting world. They sign on to the first app or site offering big returns and never end up seeing a penny. Here are a few scams to be aware of:. Prediction Software: Any site offering to sell you betting software promising to accurately predict the outcome of a sporting event is a huge red flag.

Betting Syndicates: These often come with a compulsory fee which can be thousands of dollars to join the syndicate. They place bets on your behalf and you are promised a percentage of the profits. As with most scams, there are warning signs to watch out for. If you suspect you may be caught up in a betting scam there are a few things you can do, such as:.

The truth of the matter is scams exist. Take the time to conduct an independent check on any company you plan to place bets with before signing or buying. There are risks associated with both live betting and online betting, but knowing what the possibilities are will help protect you from an unfortunate incident.

Place your bets at a legal brick and mortar sportsbook. Using an established online betting site is by far a safer way to wager on sports, but there are potential threats that you should be aware of, such as:. The risks of online betting are minimal and easily avoided with a little leg work on your part. ZenSports is an online betting marketplace that allows its users to place bets without a centralized bookmaker.

With the help of blockchain technology , online bettors can see and verify that transfers have been made, and credited to your ZenSports account. We want you to have all the information you need so that you can feel secure in trusting ZenSports for all your online betting needs. This allows anyone, anywhere to send and receive payments. But cryptocurrency involves super-advanced coding to guarantee that your funds are kept safe, and are recorded publicly.

A blockchain is a series of blocks all strung together like a chain. Transactions require a more detailed authentication process than your bank would typically offer. We know that trust is a huge issue in the online betting world.